Margaret Dax
Based in Chicago, IL

Release date:
May 20th, 2021

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OX OX OH is a whole new kind of tic-tac-toe, with bombs. When a line of 3 in a row is made, the game is just getting started, and it will never end in a tie. Whether you play alone on the train, or with friends at a party, OX OX OH will keep you on your toes.


Just you wait...

It's a doozy!


  • A new kind of tic-tac-toe. Lines of three Xs or Os in a row leave the board to deal one damage.
  • Every line finished pushes you closer to winning, but leaves the board open for your opponent.
  • Bombs. When you play them your opponent will know when, but not where.
  • Playing an X or O on an enemy bomb will deal you one damage, and leave the space empty.
  • Playing Xs and Os, bombs, and disarming them all cost energy. Play agressively or save up to make multiple moves, it's up to you.
  • Solo mode features 4 unique AI challengers: Roxy "Random", Paula "Plans", Billie "Bombs", and Sam "Strats".
  • Versus mode lets you play with other people in two ways: Pass & Play, or Nearby (via Game Center)
  • A one time purchase of an app unlock will give access to Solo challengers other than Roxy, and access to the Versus Pass & Play mode.
  • No ads, ever! I might recommend games I like from time to time on the main menu, including any future games I release.


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About Margaret Dax

Hey, I'm Margaret, and I make small games with love and care. The bulk of my interest is around building new systems, exploring tension and joy between people, and making things that feel great to use. You won't find paid ads or consumable IAP in my work because they don't belong there.

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OX OX OH Credits

Margaret Dax
Design & Code

Joel Corelitz

Sage Coffey

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks